Probability Theory: The Logic of Science


E. T. Jaynes


This website contains files created for my personal use but which may be of value to other readers of Jaynesís book.All page references in the files are to the reprint published in 2005.


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This Excel index file does not cover information found in the annotated References and Bibliography sections of the book.Updated February 2022.



This Word file contains a list of errors, typos and comments.It includes links to the errata and comments compiled by Kevin Van Horn at the References and Bibliography sections, however, I combined his list of errors with mine for the convenience of having a single list for these two sections.Updated March 2020.


Book Reviews

List of reviews of two of Jaynesís books:Probability Theory: The Logic of Science and E.T. Jaynes: Papers on Probability, Statistics and Statistical Physics.Updated February 2022.